How To Register A Scooter / Moped At The DVLA

Registering your scooter is easy as we will pre-complete all the forms you need and send them to you with your scooter. You just then need to complete the forms with your personal details and take them to your local DVLA office. You can post them to the DVLA but we recommend taking them as it will then only take around 3 days and also your ID documents will be safer. Click here to find your local DVLA office.

  1. Your scooter will be delivered with a EEC certificate of conformity and other documents required to register it.
  2. You send the following documents to the DVLA or take to your local DVLA office:
    • Completed DVLA form V55/4 (We will send you this part completed and then you just complete your name & address and sign.)
    • DVLA form V267 completed by us (declaration that scooter is new, you will receive from us already completed)
    • DVLA form C&E 389 completed by us (you do not need to do anything with this apart from add your name & address)
    • EEC certificate (You will receive this from us and do not need to do anything with it)
    • Registration fee of £55
    • Proof of insurance showing VIN number (you will need to apply for insurance first. See our insurance page for recommended insurance brokers who can give you instant cover online.)
    • Invoice (You will receive this from us)
    • Proof of ID (This can only be driving license, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate or decree and must be original)
    • Proof of address (This can be an original utility bill, bank statement, medical card or council tax bill)
  3. 2-3 days later you should receive your UK registration number and tax disc.
  4. You take the registration number to a local garage and they will make you a number plate. It should not cost more than around £15. You can then use your scooter once the number plate is attached.
  5. 4 weeks later you should receive your actual registration document from the DVLA. These are needed if you want to sell the scooter etc so keep it safe.