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Z6 21-Speed Ultimate Edition Electric Mountain Bike 26" - White

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brand new version with LCD control panel for greater setup control and information!

With the Z6 you get the best of both worlds. A fully capable mountain bike with Shimano 21 speed gearbox and suspension, plus a convenient electric bike for commuting and general transport that looks fantastic. During the week take advantage of the electric power system to nip around at a fraction of the cost of a car or motorbike and then at the weekend hit the trail for some off road fun

The Li-Po battery is nicely disguised as a drinks flask and securely attached to the aluminium frame. The brushless motor has plenty of power and will push the bike to the UK maximum legal speed of 25KM/H making it totally road legal. Just select how much help you want from the electric system using the easy selector, start pedaling and the motor will assist. Please note with this new version the maximum speed the bike will go without moving the pedals forward is 6km/h.

Other features include kick stand, battery life indicator and rust resistant chain.

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  1. Livraison et certificat CE

    By Frédéric May 26, 2018

    Commande faite via PayPal le mercredi 14h produit reçu jeudi 13h.sud France.bravo
    Demande par mail du certificat de conformité CE reçu réponse et certificat. CE le lendemain qui était en plus dans les documents du e. Bike.
    Rien à redire aujourd’hui.

  2. had it over a year

    By GORDON November 01, 2015

    I have had my Zipper Z6 over a year now. It has saved me more than it cost 3 times over! I get to work no prob at all with little effort. By the time my usual taxi would arrive I am at work with a fantastic saving and sure to arrive on time. OK I could point out small problems like the brake pads don't last long and hard to find as no information on replacement is given. But for over a year the battery has performed well and is still top form. If I could praise this bike and say buy now!!!!!! I would! Scooter City is the best price on the net. Battery I remove and take with me when I park (expensive Item) For looks this bike is the best! (don't want to look like granddad) 21 speed is just fantastic on the flat!!! fast as F*** no effort!

  3. Z6 21-Speed Ultimate Edition Electric Mountain Bike 26" - White

    By AST December 28, 2014

    This is the best quality, best priced, best looking, best all rounder electric mountain bike on the market.

  4. Z6

    By Simon December 16, 2014

    Simple enough to put together. You'll need a set of hex keys / Allen keys and an adjustable spanner. Took me about an hour.

    As for the way it looks, even better than the picture. It's a very good looking piece of kit. I've only had it a couple of days and have already had comments from non-cyclists.

    Riding feels solid and smooth. I thought it might feel heavy because it isn't the lightest of bikes, but it's not too bad. I was enjoying riding it so much, I did the first ten miles without even turning on the electrics.

    Riding with electrical assistance is pretty good. It's not like a motor bike or a scooter but you definitely feel it kick in. Probably wouldn't recommend it uphill (change gear and use your legs), but on the flat, it's really good. As an experiment, I did the last couple of miles of my journey without pedalling at all and the motor carried me at pretty much the same speed I'd be pedalling at.

    Battery life was a surprise. I was a bit cynical on this and didn't think it would last my journey. Not only did it last, I could have done the journey twice and still had power to spare.

    Overall impression is that this looks a lot better than all the other electric bikes I've seen and performs really well and the battery life is very good. I can't think of anything I could fault it on. Very pleased with my purchase!

  5. z6

    By GORDON August 05, 2014

    Looked for ages on the net to find the bike of my choice and found it! The price and quality can't be beaten!

  6. z6

    By norman July 31, 2014

    this is a very nice bike, the quality of the finish is very good ,you can not beat it for the price . just go for it.

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